Pigeon Breeding: Genetics at Work was a collaborative project between The Genetic Science Learning Center and Associate Professor of Biology Michael D. Shapiro, PhD, at The University of Utah. This work was supported in part by a Career Award from the National Science Foundation, DEB-1149160.

GSLC Staff

GSLC staff who contributed to this project.

Peter Anderson

Nicola Barber

Kagan Breitenbach

Dmitri Carapezza

Sheila Homburger

Molly Malone

Brendan Nicholson

Ryan Perkins

Kevin Pompei

Louisa Stark

Mathew Weaver

Pete and Kagan


Sydney A. Stringham, PhD, for taking many photos of pigeons for our webpages

The Utah Pigeon club

The following Pigeon Fanciers, for allowing us to photograph their birds:

  • Rick Norgaard
  • Layne Gardner
  • Orrie Moore
  • Wesley Price

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